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Clan Information

Post by ShadowDragon459 on Wed Mar 12, 2014 11:30 pm

The Eternal Empire is a clan based within the game Warframe. The goal of our clan is to create a strong community of gamers who we are all comfortable playing the game with and helping out on a regular basis. Though, the clan is only 3 months old, we already have nearly 300 members, and are still expanding. The only rules in this clan are to be friendly and helpful towards each other and to have fun. The leader of the clan is me, ShadowDragon459. I can be reached via PM here, through the contact form on our website, in game, or through steam (steam ID is the same as Warframe name). If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or complaints about the clan or anyone in it, please let me know as my goal is to make this the greatest clan ever!! The services I am currently providing for the clan include:

We are also currently allied with the Shadow Wolves clan for future content that will be released. The owner of their clan is on the design council and has shared some information with me about what's in store. However, I have promised I would not leak any of this information until the devs decide to release it publicly. It's gonna be awesome though!!! Their leader is -SW-GodlySake if you ever need to get in touch with them.

If you would like to become a part of our community, please post some information about yourself in the recruiting section of the forum and I or another leader in the clan will review your info and contact you in game if you are accepted.

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