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Re: Clan Rules and Stuff

Post by Cesvela on Mon Mar 31, 2014 11:04 am

It's about time I don't like kicking people unless I have too.


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Clan Rules and Stuff

Post by ShadowDragon459 on Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:06 pm

Due to some recent things that I have been noticing in the clan, I have decided to lay out some rules for everyone to abide by. I shouldn't need to do this, but it has become necessary in recent days:

First off, I will be implementing a 3 strikes system. Once you receive three strikes, you will be removed from the clan. I feel this gives everyone plenty of chances.

Why am I setting all of these rules you may wonder? Well... I've been noticing things in the clan (especially between members) beginning to fall apart lately. I created this clan with the goal of creating a close community of people who would help each other, give advice to each other, run missions with each other regularly, trust each other, maybe even become friends with a common interest: Warframe. However instead I'm seeing hostilities and rivalries being formed, some members are saying things that shouldn't be said and are offending people, people aren't helping each other that much, insulting each other, fighting like children, etc. This is not high school. Nobody wants to drown in a restless sea of drama when they log on to play the game with their friends and fellow clan members. Therefore I shall part this sea that has flooded our path and lead us to greatness once more!!! These shall be the tools by which I rebuild the path I had intended the clan to take:

1. Language - I don't have a problem with adult language unless it is intended to be rude or offensive. Joking is fine. However, there will be NO discriminatory remarks of any kind made in clan chat (not even joking). Some members have been offended by some things said in clan chat about different cultures, countries, etc recently.

2. No Fighting In Clan Chat - Bickering like children in clan chat is like arguing with your spouse at a restaurant or other public place. It's rude, it forcefully involves everyone around you, it doesn't let other people talk because it's all they can focus on, and it just ruins the overall experience for everyone. Ain't nobody got time to listen to that! Arguing in clan chat will force the me or another leader to get involved to find out what the hell is going on and possibly separate the parties involved. It will also result in a strike against those involved unless they were trying to prevent it. If someone is bothering you, talk to a clan leader or myself about it BEFORE the situation gets out of hand. Ignoring someone if they are being a jerk helps too. I don't know why, but it seems like everyone forgets the #1 rule of the internets: DON'T feed the trolls!!! If someone is purposely being a troll or an ass, just ignore them and they will leave if they aren't receiving scraps from anyone in that location.

3. Give Others a Chance - If someone happens to say something that offends or upsets you, give them the benefit of the doubt. Ask them for clarification (over PM of course, see no fighting above) before just assuming that their entire purpose was to ruin your day. Chances are, they didn't mean to offend you, or weren't aware what they said was offensive or rude. If someone really IS being a jerk in clan chat, just ignore them instead of pushing back and causing the situation to escalate (again see no fighting above).

4. No Telling Others How to Play the Game - With a large clan like ours, it's inevitable that there will be a lot of different opinions on the best loadouts and the best way to do things in the game. Giving each other advise on how they COULD build a weapon better for example is great! That's what clan members are for, helping each other. However, under no circumstances should we tell anyone HOW TO play the game. Giving advice is fine, but forcing our ideals upon each other is not. It's their account, they can play the game how they want, so if they choose not to take your advice and go a completely different route, don't get all butthurt and angry about it because it's THEIR choice. This goes the other way as well. If someone is giving you advice don't bash on them if you don't like their advice. They are only trying to help, so there is no need to be a jerk if you don't quite agree with their opinion.

5. Attendance - Most of you probably don't know that there is an attendance policy in this clan. "What!?!?! But this isn't school." You are right, but I want everyone to be active that way I know there are always people online to help each other out. The policy is that you must log in at least once every 10 days to avoid being kicked. That's lenient in my opinion. If I only went to school once every 10 days, me bee noe as ijukaytd as me r naow. Plus, there is a nifty little leave of absence form on the clan website you can fill out if you will be gone for more than 10 days so you can stay in the clan. You can also let me or another clan leader know in game, or by PM here on the forum.

6. Participate - I didn't create this clan for myself. I created it for all of you. Everyone when they joined stated they wanted to be part of an active clan which is why I made the website, and the forum, and we hold clan events. We do all these things so everyone can get involved and participate in the clan, because that's what everyone wanted. Yet, it seems like all of my hard work goes to waste sometimes. For example on friday when I said it was the last day to recruit for the event, some people were like "What event?!?!?!?" It had only been posted on the website and forum for over a week as well as the MOTD in game. Now I'm not going to make usage of these things required, I just want to know that all of my hard work in making these things people wanted for the clan didn't go to waste.

In conclusion, it seems the biggest problems we have are in our relationships with each other. Let's all just be polite and respectful toward one another, help each other out, trust each other, and just enjoy the game together. Just remember: Don't feed the trolls if any do make an appearance. This all shouldn't be necessary, but I don't want things to get worse. With all of this out of the way, this is still going to be the relaxed and chill clan you all love (leave the drama at the door), so let's strive to make the Eternal Empire one of the best and most active clans and strive to make it a place for all of its members to enjoy.

Long live the Eternal Empire!!!

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